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North Memorial Health announces job cuts that will affect around 3,400 mental health patients

28 days ago - Abderholden says she's less worried about the employees who lost their jobs because a lot of clinics and hospitals are hiring mental health workers, she's more worried about the patients....detail

Job flexibility, job security, and mental health among working adults

24 days ago - Editor’s Note: Please see the article for additional information, including other authors, author contributions and affiliations, conflict of interest and financial disclosures, and funding and ......detail

Job flexibility and security promotes better mental health among employees

23 days ago - Job Flexibility, Job Security, and Mental Health Among US Working Adults. JAMA Network Open , 2024; 7 (3): e243439 DOI: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2024.3439 Cite This Page : ......detail

Mental Health Counselor Salary

7 days ago - How Much Do Mental Health Counselors Make in Your City? See current salary offers for jobs in your field. 250,000 187,500 125,000 62,500 ......detail

In WA, it might soon be easier to get mental health help over the phone

In WA, it might soon be easier to get mental health help over the phone18 hours ago - and interpreter services are available in more than 250 languages. Callers can also get connected to the Native and Strong Crisis Lifeline, where calls are answered by Native crisis counselors....detail

When Your Mental Health Costs You Your Job

30 days ago - My job was mind numbing, and the environment was incredibly unsupportive, all of which exasperated my mental health issues. I felt everything was inescapable,” says Jane Smith*, now 35 ......detail

Mental Health

8 days ago - A study links working late, or variable shifts with health problems later in life ... Generation argues this has caused an epidemic of mental illness and suggests ways to fix it....detail

Job flexibility, security may promote work-related mental health, study says

9 days ago - Organizational policies that foster job flexibility and security may create a healthier work environment, reduce work-related stress and promote better mental health, according to a study ......detail

What is Mental Health First Aid?

2 months ago - Purdue Extension offers Adult Mental Health First Aid courses in person at various Indiana counties, as well as virtual courses through Zoom. Please review the list of currently scheduled courses ......detail

Workers with job flexibility and security have better mental health

24 days ago - Job security also appeared to be a boon for mental health. Workers were asked how likely they thought that they may lose their job or get laid off in the next 12 months. Those who reported feeling ......detail

“I Felt Pressured To Suck It Up”: When Your Mental Health Costs You Your Job

29 days ago - “People often get the message that they should work harder and push through to finish the job. However, experiencing a mental health crisis is not a character flaw or failure. It’s something ......detail

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