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WebOur procedures . When you’ve been a member of Benenden Health for 24 months^ or more you can ask for our help with a range of procedures. **Please note this …

1. Find Your Benenden Healt…York. Wide range of services, inc Gynaecology, Urology, General Surgery …
2. Contact usWe're always happy to answer any of your questions about Benenden Health. ...
3. Medical TreatmentBenenden Health was founded in 1905 to provide care for postal workers suffering …
4. Benenden Health0800 414 8001. We love a chat and we're happy to answer your questions about …
General Surgery & Procedures  Benenden Hospital
2 hours ago

WebSee our guides below for details of our treatments and view the general surgery section of our pricing page for details of costs, or call our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158. …

What treatments and services do we offer at Benenden Hospital?
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WebWhat we offer. We offer over 250 self-pay treatments and services, including: Hip and knee replacement surgery; Shoulder replacement surgery; Cosmetic surgery, including female …

Orthopaedic surgery and treatments at Benenden Hospital
9 hours ago

WebOrthopaedic surgery. Orthopaedic surgery treats your bones and joints following disease or injury. If joint pain is affecting your quality of life, we can offer both quick diagnosis and …

Hip & Knee Surgery  Treat Aches & Pains  Benenden Hospital
1 hours ago

WebTotal hip replacement: Total amount of Credit £11,950.00. Total charge for credit £5,387.00. Total Amount Repayable £17,337.00. Repayable by 60 monthly payments of £288.95. …

Alternative Private Healthcare Cover  Benenden Health
5 hours ago

WebBritain we've got you. For £15.50 per person, per month you can access a range of services including. 24/7 GP Helpline. 24/7 Mental Health Helpline. Physiotherapy. Cancer …

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Your guide to Benenden Healthcare
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WebCall us on 0800 414 8100with this information to hand and our adviser will inform you what services may be agreed. 4. Provide a copy of your referral letter from a qualified NHS …

Is my treatment covered under my Benenden Health membership?
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WebMy treatment isn’t covered by my Benenden Health membership; I'd like to fund my own treatment. If your procedure isn’t covered, and you need help now, paying for your own …

Treatment for Benenden Health members – Benenden Hospital
6 hours ago

WebIf your treatment isn't covered and you need to pay for yourself please get in touch by calling our Private Patient team on 01580 363158 (8am-6pm Monday-Friday, excluding bank …

Urology  urinary tract treatments  Benenden Hospital
4 hours ago

WebUrology. Urology deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) and the male reproductive organs (penis, testes, scrotum and …

Accessing treatment at Benenden Hospital – Benenden Hospital
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WebPlease contact Benenden Health on 0800 414 8100. Find out more about treatment through your membership. NHS. If your GP decides you need to see a specialist for …

Insurance Product Information Document Company: The
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Webgiven our authorisation (with the exception of 24/7 GP and Mental Health helplines and Mental Health Support) We can only provide treatment from our approved procedures

Arrange a treatment or access a service  Benenden Hospital
7 hours ago

WebDo you have a question about arranging treatment? Find out more about arranging treatment at Benenden Hospital by calling us or completing our online enquiry form. …

About Gastro Center of NJ
6 hours ago

WebAbout Us. The Gastro Center of NJ is a full-service medical clinic for all gastrointestinal tract health conditions. For illnesses and diseases related to the esophagus, biliary tract, …

Health Services  Bergen County New Jersey
4 hours ago

WebBCDHS is dedicated to the health and well-being of our communities and employees. The pages on the navigation panel provide detailed information about each division of …

Wellness First
2 hours ago

WebWe are a group of healthcare clinics in the Somerset, New Jersey area providing patients of all ages with the wellness care and services they need to remain healthy and active. Our

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